2016 Registration + Housing is available -- Next Summit.

Welcome to Family Nature Summits

Enjoy a week-long adventure celebrating nature with family, friends and kindred spirits. We bring together local experts and nationally known faculty to create high-quality, hands-on programs.

New Location Every Year

Family Nature Summits take place once a year in a unique location chosen for its natural beauty and exciting opportunities to explore and learn. From the Rocky Mountain peaks of Colorado to the crashing waves of Maine, we provide a one-of-a kind experience that you’ll never forget.

Comfortable Accommodations

We stay in hotel-style accommodations with clean sheets, warm showers and great meals.

Programs for All Ages

All ages can enjoy the wide ranging options of activities. While toddlers may be learning to build sand castles, elementary school kids may study beaver dams, teens rock climb and young adults mountain bike. Adults get to choose their own activities from a wide range of unique and unusual classes, such as photography field trips, hiking, birding, crafts.

Gathering as an Extended Family

In the evenings we gather for programs such as local musicians, story tellers or an old fashioned ice cream social.

2016 Location

We hope to see you at the Ghost Ranch, New Mexico Summit - Saturday, July 2 thru Friday, July 8, 2016.